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Caruthersville teacher under investigation for alleged incident involving a student

CARUTHERSVILLE, MO (KFVS) - Parents of a Caruthersville, Missouri student speak out after the teen was allegedly put in a choke-hold by a teacher. 

According to Police Chief Tony Jones, no charges have been filed yet as the investigation continues. Authorities are not releasing the teacher's name. He has been suspended pending the investigation. Eventually it will be up to prosecutors to decide. 

Meanwhile, as for the teen's parents, Loretta and Luther Robinson, they say they feel their son did nothing to deserve the teacher's alleged actions. 

"He told them that the teacher choked him and for what reason he didn't even know," said Loretta Robinson.

She said she still isn't clear on exactly what happened. She feels they should have been called immediately following the incident, which according to police reports allegedly happened on March 23.  

Loretta Robinson said this is what happened at the high school according to her son: "He started pushing him and he looked back and that's when he grabbed him put him in a choke hold and slammed him against the locker," Loretta said her son told her later.  

According to the teen's father, Luther Robinson, as soon as he heard he went directly to the school to address the issue and was told the teacher was still in class and his son was in in-school-suspension.

"I asked why he was ISS if he didn't do anything? They said as a precaution. I said did you call the police and they said no," said Luther Robinson.   
The Robinson family said they immediately filed a report.

Police tell us several local and state departments are investigating, including going over video and interviewing potential witnesses.

"We were told there was another teacher and another child that witnessed it and the other teacher got him off of him," said Loretta.  

Heartland news reached out to the school and were asked to call their attorney. The attorney had no comment.

According to Missouri protocol, the teacher is suspended pending the investigation. 

"We want justice done," said Loretta. 

Investigators say the school district is cooperating fully with the investigation and the parties involved. 

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