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JALC looks to make changes for certain scholarships


School officials at John A. Logan College say they're trying to save money by making changes to some of their scholarships. 

The number of scholarships given out will not change, but there will be a change in the dollar amount for certain ones.

Scholarships that are non-athletic competitions and talent based, including College Bowl, the cyber security team and student ambassadors, will be the ones that will be impacted.

College officials say instead of having an open tuition waiver like the school has done in the past, there will be a certain dollar amount given to those scholarships.

"We're dealing with changing times," JALC director of College Relations, Dr. Steve O'Keefe said. "The state money isn't where it was. We're looking at more students taking less hours, which affects our revenue flow so we've tried to come in and look at different ways to cut spending."

O'Keefe said cuts in funding isn't just focused on scholarships.

"We're cutting areas from top to bottom across campus," he said. "Again this isn't a cut because we're offering the same amount of scholarships, we just felt like it was essential from a budget standpoint to put a dollar amount on each of these scholarships."

JALC officials say this change doesn't have an impact on private scholarships or those that have already been offered a tuition waiver.

Dr. O'Keefe said with these changes, the college will be saving roughly $100,000.

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