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Rainwater floods eastern Missouri police station

(Source: Mike Mohundro, KFVS) (Source: Mike Mohundro, KFVS)
(Source: Mike Mohundro, KFVS) (Source: Mike Mohundro, KFVS)
(Source: Mike Mohundro, KFVS) (Source: Mike Mohundro, KFVS)
(Source: Mike Mohundro, KFVS) (Source: Mike Mohundro, KFVS)
(Source: Mike Mohundro, KFVS) (Source: Mike Mohundro, KFVS)
BONNE TERRE, MO (KFVS) - Tuesdays storms brought in plenty of rain in the Heartland. Several communities saw flash flooding, and Bonne Terre, Missouri was no exception. 

The rain brought flash flooding to some areas in Bonne Terre including the police station. 

The police station received a lot runoff water from St. Joseph Street that flooded a number of rooms and the parking lot. 

Police Chief Doug Calvert said in one room there was as much as a foot of water. Other offices were flooded as well. 

Officers were out responding to other calls when the floodwaters came. Shortly after, officers noticed the police station flooding and a couple officers jumped into the water and made their way to the station and opened some drains to help get rid of the water. 

Calvert says because of the quick response from the officers, the flooding didn't damage as much as what it could have. 

This is the second time the police station here has flooded. Back in 2009, a lot of rain swept through and flooding occurred then as well. At that time there was more water and a lot more damage including three police department cruisers. 

When the flood waters hit on Tuesday, police were able to get their police cruisers out of the water quickly and saved the vehicles. 

It's unknown how much the damages will cost but Calvert says it won't be much thanks to the quick response time in draining the water. 

The Bonne Terre Police Station sits on the back side of City Hall. The building used to be the Bonne Terre High School. At that time, where the Bonne Terre Police Department parking lot is, it was all dirt and much higher. 

After the school closed and the police station was built, they dug out the dirt to make the parking lot. 

The parking lot is now a low spot in the land and can collect rainwater. Since the flooding in 2009, city crews installed another drain to help alleviate the rain from collecting there. 

The amount of rain that fell Tuesday was too much for the drains to handle. 

As for now, the drains will remain open and vehicles are parked above them to help collect any unwanted trash or debris that may try to enter it. 

Inside the police station they have several dehumidifiers to help dry out any remaining water. 

Calvert says a company out of Farmington came out and cleaned up the water damage left behind from the flood waters. 

The chief  says there wasn't that much laying on the ground level inside the station and no equipment was lost or damaged. Calvert says the station was never at any time out of commission and had other agencies to help respond to calls in Bonne Terre while they were dealing with the flood. 

Calvert thanks the officers and everyone involved for the quick response time to help drain and clean up the floodwater. 

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