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Money Monday: A greener lawn for less

(KFVS) - Americans spend about $30 billion a year on grass and gardens. But you don't have to spend a fortune to have a nice looking lawn.

There are some cost efficient ways you can get more green without spending a lot of green.

First, use some of your own elbow grease to remove debris from the fall and winter. Pick up sticks and rake up any leaves that are still in your yard. Better yet, have your kids do it.

Aerating your lawn can help make it healthier. Aerating helps loosen the soil and remove lawn thatch - that tough, dark brown stuff that builds up between the soil and your grass. You can either pay someone $100 or more to do it, or you can spend $10 for a pair of aerating spikes for your shoes and do it yourself.

Another common mistake people make that takes a toll on their lawns is keeping the grass too short. Taller grass requires less frequent watering, which saves you money, and better roots will help your lawn survive insects and drought, too.

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