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Jackson police crackdown on speeders in construction zone


Starting Friday April 3, the speed limit in the construction zone on E. Main St. at the intersection of Lacey St. has been lowered from 35 mph to 20 mph.

"We've had a lot of complaints of people speeding and it's for drivers safety as well as the construction workers," said Jackson Police Captain, Rodney Barnes.

Distracted driving was also a problem according to police.

After receiving the complaints from multiple construction crews, city employees, utility companies and his own personal observations, Chief of Police James Humphreys decided this decision is in the best interest of the safety of everyone in the work zone for the duration of this project.

"Workers can get hit," said Capt. Barnes. "People need to slow down and pay attention."

The 20 mph temporary speed limit is located on E. Main St. between the addresses of 2432 E. Main St. and 2684 E. Main St., and is posted with orange signs in both directions of travel.

It is effective only between the hours of 7 a.m. and 7 p.m. Monday through Friday.

Police urge drivers to use extreme caution at all times when traveling in and near the construction zone and to obey all speed and warning signs.

Public Works Director Rodney Bollinger said that the work for a new traffic signal should be finished and the signals operational in early July.

The temporary speed limit will be lifted and the signs removed when the project is complete.

Jackson police say speeding and distracted driving forced them to lower the speed limit and increase patrols at the intersection of East Main and Lacey streets.

On Friday, we went along as Jackson police patrolled the area.

With in minutes Patrolman Neil Reitenbach clocked a driver allegedly going 31 miles over the newly enforced speed zone.

The driver could not only get a costly ticket, but also have to appear in court.

Just before that driver, Reitenbach clocked another individual going 19 miles over at 39 miles per hour.

"It's always been a bad area," said Cheryl Constien. "I frequently drive down that section of the street and even before the construction my husband and I had people pass us. Do they really need to fly down the road?"

"I have had people pass me also," said Sandy Penzel who lives near the Main and Lacey area. "I have adjusted my route. I am glad they are enforcing it." 

Police will actively enforce the zone until construction is over.

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