Heartland Ministry Victim of Theft

Heartland Ministry Victim of Theft
By: Ryan Tate

"Christian Wings For the World" is a non-profit organization that trains pilots for missionary work around the world. But last week, the ministry went looking for help from law enforcement after thieves stole more than $45,000 in airplane parts.
"They chopped them up into little bitty pieces," Greg Gale said. Gale is a member of "Christian Wings For the World" Board of Directors. "There's not much we can do with it, it's a total loss."
The thieves took two sets of wings and tail parts from a hanger on the grounds. Investigators tell Heartland News the suspects cut the aluminum parts up into scrape metal and sold it to a salvage yard in Farmington for $244. One person was arrested, but not charged in the case. Investigators found out he was in violation of his parole and turned him over to the Missouri Department of Corrections. The man is headed back to prison in Bonne Terre. St. Francois County Sheriff's Deputies are also looking for another man in connection with the theft. They might ask prosecutors to file charges once the investigation is complete.
But the airplane parts are not covered by insurance, and the non-profit organization only accepts donations from churches. The ministry welcomes back three students this spring to finish off their training. Gale says he plans to ask churches to dig deep and help them out.