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MO grandma works to change medical protocol for Hemophiliacs

(Source: Darlene Shelton) (Source: Darlene Shelton)
(Source: Darlene Shelton) (Source: Darlene Shelton)
STODDARD COUNTY, MO (KFVS) - All but two states, Missouri and New York, don't allow EMTs and ER doctors to administer lifesaving medication to patients with Hemophilia during an emergency.

A Heartland grandmother helped rewrite the federal protocol in Missouri and is trying to change it across the country.

“He runs, he jumps, he climbs. He loves super heroes. This is his costumes from Christmas,” said Darlene Shelton describing her four-year-old grandson.

Danny Shelton may look like you typical four year-old, but he's a severe hemophiliac.

“We decided to make his life as normal as possible. He knows that his medication makes him better and he will get very, very sick or as he says, ‘a really bad owie,' if he doesn't have his medication,” she said.

Before the change, if Danny were ever in an emergency situation, such as a car accident, emergency responders wouldn't be allowed to use it.

“If family has the medication there and can adequately describe the situation, we will administer those situations,” said Dave Cooper with the Stoddard County Ambulance.

Before the change, the Stoddard County Ambulance District would have to bring the patient to the nearest hospital to get the drug, which is only found in St. Louis and Kansas City.

“We were completely taken aback,” said Shelton.

For someone with Hemophilia, time is critical.

“They need medication and they need it now. We don't need to have a battle about who and when and why. We need to save lives,” she said.

The federal protocol is currently being rewritten for the state of Missouri and isn't just for those with Hemophilia, but all conditions that require self-medication.

Shelton said she hopes to bring awareness to the issue so that others can help make the changes in their states.

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