A Place to Call Home: Carla

A Place to Call Home: Carla

CAPE GIRARDEAU, MO (KFVS) - Carla loves shopping. At the age of 13, she knows what she likes, and is pretty picky.

"I would wear some of these, but it has to be purple," said Carla to Crystal Britt as they shopped at West Park Mall in Cape Girardeau, Mo.

"I love to shop, love to sing, and love to play the drums and the piano," said Carla.

When it comes to music, she is easily inspired.

"I just sing whenever I hear music, I make up my own words," said Carla.

She's a girly-girl who loves fashion and trends, but also loves her sports.

"I like playing basketball, volleyball and I love football," she said.

Carla is currently living in a foster home, in fact she's on her fifth foster home.

"It's hard because you don't know the people you're going to go with," she said.

She said often times her friends and other people in her life really don't understand.

"They don't know how hard it is," said Carla. "I cry most of the time because they pick on me about foster care, I'm like y'all don't know how hard it is."

Even with all the constant change and heartache, she's such a pleasant young lady to be around.

As much as she loves shopping for shoes, or a new outfit what she's really looking for can't be found in any store.

"I'm looking for a good family to take care of me and to love me," said Carla. "I've been in foster care for a long time, I'm ready to call someone mom or dad."

Carla enjoys school too, and says she's already looking ahead to college.

Her dream is to become a doctor or a nurse.

She also has a passion for helping the poor.

To find out more about Carla and the other children we've featured, you can call 1-800-554-2222.

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