Mississippi Co. sheriff warns of gift card scam

Mississippi Co. sheriff warns of gift card scam

MISSISSIPPI COUNTY, MO (KFVS) - The Mississippi County Sheriff's Department is warning area residents of a new phone scam targeting southeast Missouri residents.

According to Sheriff Keith Moore, a man with a heavy foreign accent claims to work for the Florida Attorney General's Office and says he is calling to collect a fine for an outstanding warrant.

The man tells the call recipients to drive to their nearest grocery store, buy a store-brand gift card and then give him the card number.

The caller then threatens arrest and imprisonment to all who refuse.

So far, Sheriff Moore said the complaints have all involved  Save-a-Lot cards, but any stores that sell gift cards may be a target.

The reported calls were received from a Florida phone number, 850-389-4517.

Sheriff Moore would like to remind everyone that legitimate law enforcement agencies will never threaten residents to collect fine money via telephone.

Area retailers are asked to warn customers, especially ones buying a gift card, of the scam.

Residents who receive a suspicious call are advised to hang up and notify area law enforcement.

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