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Pemiscot Co. van crash rescuers talk about that night


Some men in nearby cars pulled six kids from a church van in Pemiscot County after it was hit head-on.

The February 11 crash killed 43-year-old Bobby Coleman.

Currently, all six kids are expected to make a full recovery; that's the word from fire officials and family. They credit the men who pulled those kids from the van before it burst into flames.

Some of the rescuers shared their story with us.

Franklin Casteel and Shawn Hundhausen say they'll never forget seeing the United Kinship Church van hit head-on.

"Church bus, I knew had to have kids on it," Hundhausen said.

It was pure adrenaline. Both men ran to the mangled van.

"A natural reaction," Casteel said. "Any human being would've done that."

They found Bobby Coleman trapped and kids screaming and hurt.

"I was just grabbing, hooking one kid under my arm, throwing the other over my shoulder and running," Hundhausen said. "It was a five-year-old girl and she was covered in blood."

After pulling the kids out, with the help of two others, they tried to unpin Bobby Coleman. Second after getting him out, the van burst into a fireball.

"They were screaming, 'Get away from the van,' and I said, 'I'm not going anywhere,'"

What made it even more dramatic for the Hundhausens, they knew the children, and Coleman as well.

Ashley, Shawn Hundhausen's wife, helped comfort the kids until help arrived

Since the crash, they've heard from the families of the children.

The Hundhausens and Casteel say they are overjoyed to know those children are safe.

Authorities say it may take awhile to piece all of the clues together because of so many vehicles involved.

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