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Dexter officials urging homeowners to move snow, fear flooding

DEXTER, MO (KFVS) - Dexter officials are concerned about chances of rain over the weekend.

City Administrator Mark Stidham said since drains and ditches are likely covered with snow, rain water won't have anywhere to go

He said that could mean potential flooding problems for homeowners.

Stidham said normally residents will pile snow to the sides of their driveways, however, in this situation Stidham said that's not the best idea.

"Basically it's creating a dam," Stidham said. "Under normal conditions that's the way to do it because when it warms up, it's going to run out. We don't have normal conditions, we're getting rainfall in the next few days that's really going to be bad and then frigid temperatures again. We're combating against mother nature and we can't win."

Most of the snow banks are solid and the water won't be able to make it through,meaning any rain could pile up and run into your home.

The city said its spent millions of dollars over the last few years improving drainage systems, however, mother nature is covering them up.

Stidham wants residents to be aware of that, and move those piles so rain and snow melt can drain properly.

"They don't want water under their homes or in their garages," Stidham said. "I know it's a problem... And they don't need anymore aggravation. With the freezing temperatures we got, the last thing you need is water either under their homes causing problems with their flooring or into their homes."

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