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Stray dogs found in bitter cold get second chance

ANNA, IL (KFVS) - A family of stray dogs were stuck out in the cold. Now, they're hoping for some warm hearts to give them a second chance.

The little guys had a rough start.

Found in abandoned barn, the five puppies survived below zero temperatures and were in bad shape when they arrived at St. Francis CARE shelter in Murphysboro on Tuesday.

“They just ate and ate and ate,” said Diane Dougherty with the shelter.

Now, along with mom and dad, they're on the road to a full recovery.

“They've had baths and they've had vaccinations and they're doing great,” she said.

Diane Dougherty says not all of them were so lucky.

“There were seven puppies at one time and two of them didn't survive the cold,” she said.

Dougherty hopes the puppies' tale serves as a lesson for all pet owners to bring their pets inside.

“It is not humane," she said. "They will be out for 10 or 15 minutes and then they will be back inside.”

For now, It's lots of cuddles and eating until adoption day.

The five puppies and their parents are expected to make a full recovery and will be up for adoption in two weeks.

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