Illinois video game creator is beating the odds

Illinois video game creator is beating the odds

TEXACO, IL (KFVS) - Whether you're a gamer or not, you know how big the video game industry is, but you may not know that it makes more money a year than the boxes offices in the U.S. and Canada.

Now, one Texaco, Illinois game creator is beating the odds and gaining a lot of attention. "I just kind of stumbled into this," Michael Hicks said.

Michael Hicks is a small town guy who started with a hobby.

"Ever since that 360 game, it's kind of become a career type of thing," Hicks said.

Now, after his first creation, he has created a games that's turning his pastime into a paycheck.

The game is called Pillar, a game that uses a player's personality to help them find the pillar.

"Pillar is a collection of mini-games, where each game represents a different type of personality," said Hicks. "We find people. So, there are games where you're an introvert and introverts lose energy when they're around others for too long. So, that kind of boils down to like a stealth formula where you're trying to avoid other people, but you can't totally avoid them because you need them to open doors and so on. So, it's a back and forth kind of interaction."

The game came out this week on PS4 and X BOX 360. When it came to getting the game on major consoles, it spoke for itself.

"We are in this kind of cool time where I think people are wanting kind of new and different games because now you're seeing a lot of these independent games get almost the same amount of exposure as these bigger games. So, it's a cool time to be doing this, so I'm luck in that way," Hicks said.

His luck didn't run out there. Pillar was featured in Game Informer, the third largest magazine in the U.S.

"The craziest part about that was just the fact that they came to me. Usually you're the one reaching out to them, so that was a rare instance where someone cool came to me," Hicks said.

It wasn't only luck that got Hick's game onto the digital shelves, he's got drive too and he's just pressed start on his gaming career. He's going to a national game developer's conference where Pillar will be one of only 15 independent games featured.

"After that I'm going to come back full force and work on some stuff again." Hick said.

You can buy the game online through your PS4 or X-BOX 360.

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