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Highway crews prep roads for winter mix

PADUCAH, KY (KFVS) - Road crews are preparing for another round of winter mix this weekend.

Kentucky road crews say precipitation Friday and Saturday creates the potential for more hazardous driving conditions through Sunday.

Due to salt spread over the last several days, crews say highways have enough salt residue to help melt falling snow in the early hours of the event.

As the precipitation transitions to freezing rain and sleet Friday afternoon, drivers are likely to encounter slushy conditions on the afternoon commute.

As crews plow accumulating snow early in the event they will leave some slush on the road to help hold salt on road surfaces to help prevent icing when the freezing rain and sleet arrive later in the day.

Crews have been divided into 12 hour shifts to provide around the clock coverage.

Highway personnel will be joining city street departments and county road departments around the region in trying to clear accumulated snow that may be blocking drainage grates.

The drainage system along Kentucky highways is packed with snow from our near-historic snow event earlier in the week.

KYTC Update 2/20 at 6:30 p.m: 

Highway crews are on the road salting in most of our District 1 Counties. They are reporting a mix that ranges from snow to sleet and snow, to sleet, to misty freezing rain. The salt is causing the frozen precipitation to slush up on roadways. The slush requires extra caution if you are out driving. The current forecast calls for this winter mix to transition to rain sometime around midnight.

We have a report that the traffic signal at the intersection of US 60/US 62 and the I-24 Downtown Business Loop on Paducah's Southside is in red flashing mode. Whenever a signal is in flashing mode motorists should always treat it as a 4-Way STOP. This is the signal at the north end of the John Puryear Bridge where John Puryear Drive meets Irving Cobb Drive, Clarks River Road, and Wayne Sullivan Drive.

Meanwhile, the Missouri Department of Transportation says crews will be out treating roads during and after ice and snow.

MoDOT is asking drivers to check road conditions before they travel and avoid travel with potential icy conditions.

The department says they adjust its practices to deal differently with each storm and they try to return major roads to near-normal driving conditions as soon as possible after a storm's end.

MoDOT has 34,00 miles of state highways. They say they can't immediately clear all roads after a snowstorm, and the department has set priorities for which roads to clear first.

Roads with the highest traffic volumes are plowed or treated first.

These roads include interstates and other heavily traveled state routes, which receive ongoing operations in a storm.

Lettered and numbered routes with lower traffic volumes are plowed to allow for two-way traffic, with concentration on hills, curves and intersections.

MoDOT says traffic on these roads may have more snow on them until the higher-volume roads are mostly clear.

Their goal is to return highest traveled routes to mostly clear conditions and to plow and treat the critical areas of hills, curves and intersections on all other routes.

Drivers who need to travel are advised to bring a cell phone and winter survival supplies.

Heartland road conditions:


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