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Dangers of working out in the cold


These cold temperatures may have you reaching for the thermostat, but while some schools and business close their doors, electric companies are out in the frigid conditions to keep things up and running. 

That means men and women braving the cold to keep you warm.

Marty Vineyard is operations manager at SEMO Electric Cooperative.

He said their number one priority is always safety.

They've supplied employees with cleats for their boots and protective gear for their heads, but the life of a lineman is typically split working between extreme heat and extreme cold like we're facing now.

"The cold being the worst of course because it hurts and it can damage your skin and your extremities from frostbite," said Vineyard. "It's something that has to be watched very closely. we appreciate everyone's patience when we're in the restoration work, but a lot of times should you see a truck sitting on the side of the road with someone sitting in it and it doesn't seem like they're doing something, they're probably warming their hands, their feet and their ears."

Vineyard added that while sometimes things may seem calm on the ground, working in a bucket truck 50 feet in the air usually brings totally different conditions.

And the worst of it may be yet to come.

Vineyard said working with snow is quite easy compared to ice.

He called ice the harshest environment they have to work in.

Bringing with it added safety concerns like downed lines and trees along with ice covered trucks.

Something they're watching closely going into this weekend.

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