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Plows make packed snow piles, block in cars


It's been four days since the snow hit, but all over the Heartland cars are still buried. Whether they're stuck in the deep snow or blocked by piles made by plows, it's a problem that's likely sticking around.

Everyone is glad to see plows hard at it when snow hits, keeping the streets clear for cars. However, in the process, they pack the snow on the curb, leaving many cars trapped.

"When they plow the street, it just left a hill of snow behind,” Janet Walton said.

It's a problem Walton said is giving her cabin fever.

“You have to get out eventually for food," Walton said.

Workers with private snow removal companies say the city is only doing its job, but it makes a tough job even tougher.

"It takes muscle and a lot,” Doyle Parmer said.

Plus, they're not only piles of packed snow that are blocking in cars, but piles of rock hard, packed ice that workers say aren't going anywhere.

"When they move it, the chemicals have made that snow much moister and it freezes much more quickly and it becomes very hard,” Parmer said.

Parmer owns A Prestigious Lawn Care and Snow Removal. He said it's an issue that can keep him busy for days.

"All the residents are upset. I mean, I do Hillcrest, Cape La Croix, and they're all upset. I get a lot of calls for cleaning driveways because of the city piling it in,” Parmer said.

It's only one of the reasons, folks like Walton are thinking it's time for spring.

"Time for the snow to go,” Walton said.

Workers say they've been at it since Monday. Now, they say they're just praying for no ice Friday night.

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