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Frostbite symptoms and how to recover

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The looming ice storm is making frostbite a real possibility.

It might have looked nice on Thursday, but the second you step outside it hits you.

With temperatures the way they are, it takes less than 30 minutes for frostbite to set in.

For the kids who are off from school, many of them are tempted to head outdoors or for folks walking home, that is where it can quickly turn dangerous.

Particularly areas that stick out, like fingers, nose, ears and even cheeks.

Early signs of frostbite could be those areas turning red or white, and you might feel tingly sensations

The key is to warm those areas slowly by sticking your hands under your armpits if you can and avoid direct heat like a heating pad or hot water, which can damage the tissue

Dress in the appropriate layers.

Avoid wearing cotton, which holds on to moisture from the snow and sweat. Fleece and wool are better choices.

If kids do go outside, make sure they come in often to warm up.

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