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What determines a school snow day?


A number of factors go into making a decision to close school due to winter weather.

For Mt. Vernon School District 80 it all starts with the superintendent.

"I go out at about 4:20, get here about 5," Superintendent, Mike Green said. " I drive around the roads, so checking the temperature the wind chill, road conditions, ice, snow."

Green calls the shots on whether or not a snow day will happen and says it's not always easy.

"You just have to have a feel for it," Green said. "And you're not going to make everyone happy, some people want school some don't." he said.

Superintendents aren't the only ones up early. Maintenance and custodial staff also get ready.

Gary Cox is apart of the custodial staff and says he gets up around 5:30 a.m., and even earlier during winter months.

One of his major tasks at work, is salting the sidewalks.

"This morning, I was out there about an hour and a half," Cox said.

Green says it's also about networking.

"The internet, they check the TV stations and with each other and the bus companies."

So far the district hasn't had any snow days yet. A big difference from 2014.

"We had 11 snow days last year," Green said. "So that was a very interesting year."

Sky alerts are sent to families when there are snow days.

"It's a phone message system," Green said. "We let them know by email, by text, and by phone."

Green says the main goal is ensuring the safety of the students and employees.

When snow days do occur, it does affect the school year. 

Green says for every snow day they have, an extra day will be added at the end of the year. 

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