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Stranded drivers keep pick-up services busy

CAPE GIRARDEAU COUNTY, MO (KFVS) - In Cape Girardeau, city buses are still snowed in, and hundreds of people rely on bus service which is why city taxis are busier than ever.

A lot of people may not be know this, but in addition to buses the city operates local taxis.

And that fleet of taxis has been in very high demand.

For those who can't dig out their cars from the 10 inches of snow surrounding them, Cape County Transit has you covered.

But Mother Nature hasn't been kind this week.

"We only had two or three vehicles that would actually run on this snow and they didn't do very well so we had to just shut it down,” said Tom Tom Mogelnicki.

Wednesday, it's back to work with half the fleet but double the stops.

Keeping drivers busy but cautious especially along side streets that haven't been touched by a snow plow.

"Slushy, slick, you just really have to watch it,” said one taxi driver.

First priority passengers are for people with doctor's appointments, who might have missed an appointment due to the snow.

"We have to pull off to the side of the street and help them if they need help,” said one taxi driver.

"Some of them haven't been there for six days and that is very unhealthy for them,” said Mogelnicki.

Taxi services fare varies depending on the destination.

Rates start at $6 and increase from there.

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