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Classes in session at SIU, mixed reactions from students

CARBONDALE, IL (KFVS) - The list of school closings in the Heartland keeps getting longer. 

One name not on the list is Southern Illinois University and that has some asking why.

Classes were canceled on Monday due to the severe weather, but not on Tuesday.

Some students were taken by surprise that classes were still on. 

Some emailed  their concerns to President Randy Dunn, while others expressed otherwise.

"I noticed a lot of events were canceled today like the blood drive and everything like that and we're kind of all wondering why they would cancel events," SIU student, Alexandra Yard said. "But they're allowing students to come to class and everything." 

"I mean the weather is pretty harsh up in Chicago," Yhaiara Heller said. "And this is absolutely nothing."

SIU student, Swara Sinha said this was her first time seeing snow.

"It's really good to be out in the snow," Sinha said. "I don't mind having classes. Yesterday was pretty bad, but today is better."

University officials say their main goal is to keep the school open as much as possible. 

They said they felt the roads and parking lots were clear enough for students to attend classes.

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