DIW: Hot Hair Glitter Stamps

(KFVS) - The hot stamps claim to add some flair to your hair, but do they work?

"I've seen them on TV" said Zana Riggs.

Riggs is helping us find out if these glitter Hot Hair Stamps will actually dazzle us.

"A flower, a star, a peace sign, and a heart," said Riggs as she checked out the shapes included in the pack.

The $10 pack comes with four stamps.

Riggs said she's tried similar hair products before and they didn't work, so she's a little skeptical.

"They didn't stick in my hair," said Riggs.

But she was willing to see if these hair decorations, will get her stamp of approval.

We dabbed the stampers a couple times on a paper towel to get the glitter going.

I tried to stamp the first one, but it was difficult to determine how much pressure to apply to someone else.

Then, Riggs did it herself, and it worked much better. The stars seemed to stick.

We kept dabbing, and stamping. We tried holding a flat surface up to the lower part of Riggs hair to stamp there, but that didn't quite stamp a shape.

We waited a few minutes to see how the glitter goo would hold up.

"Kind of wet," said Riggs as she touched the shape.

The directions suggest using a hair dryer to set the stamps, so Riggs dried the glittery area.

"It feels dry," said Riggs.

While Riggs gives the product a glittery glowing review, we saw a few problems with the sparkle oozing out of the side of the bottle, and wonder how long these would last since we seemed to use these tubes pretty quick.

Now time for the test, does the shape shake out?

Riggs brushed her hair like the directions say, and sure enough there was still a little glitter left.

But for the most part, the stamps brushed right out.

These glitter accessories get Riggs stamp of approval with 5 stars.

"Because it's easy to use, fun, colorful and you can use it anywhere," Riggs said.

We ordered the hot stamps on line for $10.

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