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New study calls obesity 'chronic disease'


According to the Centers for Disease Control, obesity has reached epidemic levels in United States. A new study suggests it has less to do with what you're eating and more to do with your genetic make up.

Now, some experts say in order to shrink our size, we have to change our thinking.

The authors of this paper published in the journal Lancet Diabetes & Endocrinology want to classify obesity as a serious, chronic disease.

A far cry from what's typically referred to as a result of bad eating and exercise habits.

New research suggests obesity has to do with underlying biological issues, something dieting can't fix.

While some patients see results in the first months of a weight loss program, 80 percent to 95 percent put that weight back on.

According to this study, that's because the body's natural response is to store fat.

Lead author of the study Dr. Christopher Ochner said, "few individuals ever truly recover from obesity; rather they suffer from 'obesity in remission.' They are biologically very different from individuals of the same age, sex and body weight who never had obesity."

Doctors in the study hope to change the conversation, relating chronic obesity to addiction.

They said rather than trying to cure it, we simply need to learn to overcome it.

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