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'50 Shades of Grey' sparks discussion over long-debated Biblical word


The film version of the erotic novel "50 Shades of Grey" is out in theaters.

While it's expected to do well at the box office, the movie and novel have caused quite a controversy when it comes to the idea of dominance and submission in relationships.

In the Heartland, the movie brought out dozens of opinions from pastors, fans and women's counselors. At theaters, fans had opinions that varied.

We caught up with a group of ladies who got up early to see one of the day's first screenings and asked what they thought minutes after they saw the film.

"I can't wait for the next one," said Mary-Claire Gleason. "I think some people miss the love story, although the racy scenes were a little intense. I loved it but no, it's not what I want my relationships to be like."

"I'm still trying to process it," said her sister, Caroline Gleason.

"I still don't know what I thought about it. I didn't read the books but I still liked the movie," Sydney Henson said. "It's a cliff hanger."

The movie packs a powerful impact for movie-goers and brings up a powerful subject thanks to racy scenes involving a woman falling for a man with a powerful image.

"I guess the scandalous-ness is what attracts people to it," said Mary-Claire. "I feel the movie was more abusive than the film. All the hype about their relationship has some people missing there is actually a love story."

The new talk, specifically the word that has long been debated by biblical scholars: Submit. Does that word really mean wives should always yield to their husbands demands in good times, and you could say, in bed?

"The word submit has been a word that has been misinterpreted," said Pastor Mark Anderson of Lynwood Baptist Church in Cape Girardeau.

Pastor Anderson said the Biblical scripture from Paul, on the relationships of wives and husbands when it comes to submission, is often taken out of context. Sometimes, said Anderson and other Heartland pastors, the word submit is presented to mean the wife should yield to the leadership of their husbands.

"This is where it gets confusing," Pastor Anderson said. "People think it means he can dominate me, he can lord over me. If you look at what it's really saying and study it, it doesn't mean that at all."

Pastor Anderson said what the Biblical text really means is submission should ironically promote unity and that the couple is together as one, not in a sense that one person holds power over the other. He and others agree this means not just in their intimate relationship, but in all decisions and aspects of marriage.

"I'm to submit myself to my wife as well," said Anderson. "I am to try to meet her needs."

"It's something that I don't plan to see when it comes to the movie," said Calvina Cutrell, a wife of a worship pastor at Crossroads Church in Jackson. "But we want to let women know that not every relationship should be like that submission is a good thing because it doesn't mean what the contemporary society has made it out to be it's really meaning we are coming together as a family, as a team."

Meanwhile, ladies who saw the film and loved it even say that's not the kind of relationship they plan on having in their future

"I don't really know what I thought about it," said Henson.

"It will take a while to process," said Caroline.

Counselor Kerry Shaw also had this to say on healthy Christian relationships:

"When looking for a mate, find someone that loves God more than they love you. If they love love God they will follow his word which clearly tells him how to treat a marriage and a woman. To love one another is a choice. Everyday wake up and choose to love your spouse and try to serve one another. It is natural for the butterflies to fade so if you base your marriage solely on that you will live in disappointment. But a marriage rooted in Gods word will offer so much more. Don't focus on the negative in one another. It will drain a marriage. Love and thank God everyday for giving you your spouse and in return for His goodness appreciate the gift. Christian couples who love God and love one another the way God called them to can have a very intimate and exciting relationship without relying on movies and books."

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