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Parents, administrators discuss pros and cons of four-day school week


It's not a new concept for Missouri, but now three more districts are considering the switch to a four-day school week.

Heartland News spoke with school administrators and they said it's nothing more than a discussion in southeast Missouri. However, parents and school leaders agree - it certainly has its pros and cons.

“Financially, I don't think it's a good idea for parents that work five days a week, they're going to have to hire a daycare,” Brenda Brown said.

It's the top concern among parents when talking about dropping a day off the school week.

"I don't think it's feasible and I don't think it's the right thing to do,” Brown said.

But not all agree.

One parent commented on our Facebook page saying she likes the idea. She says the five day week is mentally exhausting for her kindergartner.

Administrators say with say the idea is worth considering.

"Does the student performance increase? If that's the case, then you know, maybe that is something to look at,” Assistant Superintendent at Cape Girardeau Schools Dr. Sherry Copeland said.

Dr. Copeland says one district near Kansas City has made the change.

"They still have certain minutes that they have to go, 144 hours, but in this situation, I think Lathrop is going a little over 1,100 hours,” Dr. Copeland said.

She says while the issue isn't on the radar at Cape Girardeau schools, it saves money.

"You would also save on utilities, you would save on food service,” Dr. Copeland said.

Three other districts in southwest Missouri, Miller, Stockton, and Pierce City, are the most recent to consider moving to a four-day week. However, Dr. Copeland says it's not a quick decision by districts.

"You have to have buy in from your parents and the community and that's huge,” Dr. Copeland said.

The Advance, Missouri superintendent agrees.

Dr. Stan Seiler says, first, they need more research on how it affects leaning.

While administrators say there are still too many downsides to jump onboard, students of all ages like the idea of an extra day off.

"I think I like four instead of five,” Second-grader Savannah Kunz said.

“It would give us more time off and more time to relax,” 16-year-old Nick Freeman said.

Another aspect to consider, Dr. Copeland says, are those students who depend on their school to feed them breakfast and lunch; What would they do for meals on that day they'd be out of school?

Again, there are no schools that we know of in the Heartland considering moving to a four-day school week at this time.

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