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Valentine's Day survival guide

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The countdown to Valentine's Day is on and if you're still scrambling for last-minute gift, food and date ideas we have you covered. 

Buzzfeed has some food ideas that you can pick up at the store and then easily assemble at home.

Click here for the full list of things like Brownie Parfait and Twinkie Hearts. 

And if you've cut it too close and forgot to get a gift, a recent survey from the HeyLets app may help you.

The survey shows that nearly half of men and women both want a creative, thoughtful gift.

That means something like a homemade card, handmade dinner or maybe a mixed CD with your loved one's favorite songs could go a long way to show your feelings.

Traditional things still work as well. A walk in the park, stargazing in the backyard or curling up by a fire inside can be a great way to get in some quality time.

If you're still at a loss, looking into the most-searched gift ideas online could give you a hint.

According to Yahoo, people are searching for smart watches and classic name brand watches as well.

Perfume and cologne are both searched for a lot around this time of year, too.

Yahoo also says vacation destination searches spike around Valentine's Day. Places like Hawaii, Florida and Las Vegas are popular, but you could plan something cheaper like a day trip somewhere close to where you live.

Also on the list of common items? Do-it-yourself projects and the Feb. 14 staples: candy hearts and chocolate.

One more thing to keep in mind is that Valentine's Day is on a Saturday in 2015.

That means restaurants, movie theaters and other date night destinations will likely be packed with couples looking for a night out.

If you want to go out, try a lunch date or an early dinner to avoid the rush.

Making dinner at home is a great alternative. It can be cheaper, healthier and more romantic for you and your significant other.

This might also be a great opportunity to try takeout from a new restaurant. 

Another suggestion would be to have a party for the couples in your life.

Call your grandparents, your parents, your friends and any other pairs you know and invite them over for snacks and games.

Throw together some fun snacks and sweets and play some board games or watch movies.

It's a fun way to spend time with everyone you love on Valentine's Day, which is exactly the point!

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