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Childhood best friends, now in their 80s, are newlyweds


This isn't your average love story. Childhood best friends, now in their 80s, are newlyweds.

"I told my mom one day, I said, someday, I'm going to marry George,” Olivia Schick said.

You might call it puppy love. Growing up in a little town on the Mississippi river George and Olivia we're inseparable.

"We'd get in our little mischief every once in a while,” George Thurm said.

Then, a flood came and her family moved north.

"We left in 1943,” Olivia said.

At age 13, George and Olivia went on to live their own lives.

"For 50 years I had lost track of her,” George said.

They each had 55 wonderful years with their former spouses, then they both found themselves alone.

"She was a widow for six years and I was a widower for almost five years,” George said. "I thought 'I wonder what Olivia is doing?' and I give her a call. And she says 'well, right now, I'm thinking about what am I going to fix for lunch and I said 'Well, forget it. I'll come over and we will go out to eat together."

She lived in St. Louis and he lived in Perry County, Missouri, driving back and forth for dates.

"I think the third time he said 'I don't want to get married again,' and I said 'Well, I don't either,'” Olivia said.

However, before long the distance between them got too long.

"One evening he said 'Are you uncomfortable staying?' I can take you down to my daughter's. And I said 'we're in our 80s come on!' and I said 'I've got two bedrooms and there's locks on both doors,” Olivia and George said.

After six months of dating, George popped the question.

"We both agreed we'd fallen in love again,” George said. "I made her wait 75 years before I asked her!"

And the rest, they say, is history.

"We are talking about our second childhood,” Olivia said.

"The good Lord, He's been in this and he's stirred that pot from her grandparents,” George said.

From childhood best friends to 85-year-old feisty newlyweds.

"Well, you know they say the ‘ole hard headed Dutchman,' I guess we are both hard headed,” George said.

George and Olivia say they wouldn't have it any other way. 

They say this Valentine's Day they're grateful to be in love for the second time in their lives. They say it's especially important for them not to take their love for granted.

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