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Cancer survivor raises awareness in colorful way

Hali Montfort, a cancer survivor, is raising awareness in a colorful way. Hali Montfort, a cancer survivor, is raising awareness in a colorful way.

During the high school boys' basketball game on Friday night, when Anna-Jonesboro plays Carterville, both teams, cheerleaders and fans will wear a color that represents a form of cancer that is meaningful to them.

For cancer survivor, Hali Montfort, she will be wearing lime green.

In 2011, Hali Montfort was diagnosed with lymphoma, a type of cancer that affects the immune system.

"You hear the words, you have cancer and your whole life changes," Montfort said.

Throughout her times in the hospital, her family and members of the community pitched in to support Hali during that difficult time.

Many visits, benefits and a volleyball game were held to raise awareness of her cancer.

"It was amazing, that's really the only word you can use because I was not expecting it at all," Montfort said.

Now cancer free, Hali is happily married and also has a four month old.

"They told me that I probably couldn't have kids," Montfort said. "That was my biggest dream was to have kids, and when I had was the best day ever."

On Friday evening, she is working with her community that gave her so much by coming together to raise awareness not only of the cancer she had, but every kind.

Colors ranging from black to teal representing all the different types, from melanoma to ovarian cancer.

Hali said she is often asked if she would go back and change anything, and her answer is always the same.

"I honestly would say no, I would not not have cancer because it's brought me where I am today it's brought me more friends...more happiness. Because I went through such a tough time that now I know what it's like. I know that everyday is amazing," she said.

For a complete list of colors that represents a specific cancer awareness, click here.

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