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Pope says 'okay' to spank a child


The Pope is making headlines for his stand on a surprising issue - spanking. 

The pontiff says it's okay to spank your kids, as long as their dignity is maintained. 

Speaking an event at the Vatican this week, the Pope said it's acceptable for parents to spank their children, but not in the face.

A Vatican representative went on to say the Pope was obviously not talking about violence a child but rather quote "helping someone to grow and mature."

A 2012 national survey by Child Trends found most parents in the US believe a child sometimes needs a "good hard spanking."

Angela Meyer mother of three says spanking can be used as a last resort to let the child understand that the parent is in control.

"I believe there's a difference between beating and spanking," said Meyer.

Meyer doesn't think parents should be criticized if they spank their child.

"Our role is not to be their best friend, our role is to be their parent and set those boundaries," said Meyer.

Kimberly Rueseler, assistant director at the Southeast Missouri State School for young children, works with kids and is a mother herself.

She's catholic, and loves listening to what the pope says, but chooses to not spank her own children.

"Spanking your child is not something I would do, but some people do that, and i just feel like it's the parents you know choice," said Rueseler.

Emily Diebold also works at the center and says they don't use physical discipline like spanking, because she says there are other ways to guide children to the right behavior.

"That creates fear, and fear is not the same thing as respect, and when you respect the child, then they'll respect you," said Diebold.

In the end, they all agree, they want the pieces of the puzzle to put together a well behaved child.

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