Does It Work: Kangaroo Keeper

Does It Work: Kangaroo Keeper

(KFVS) - How many times do you rummage through your purse, looking for your keys, chap stick or cell phone?

The Kangaroo Keeper claims to organize the clutter, and help you find what you need quickly.

"I always have a hard time finding my keys, my phone, my chapstick, everything that's in my purse," said Callie Mouser.

Mouser carries her belongings in a big purse, but can't always find what she's looking for.

"I have so many things, I pretty much stick to this size so I'm able to fit it all in," said Mouser.

The Kangaroo Keeper claims to organize your bag, so you can find things in a flash.

Mouser agreed to put the keeper to the test.

"I don't know how many times I have to set my purse down on a table in a store, or a restaurant or something, to try to find my keys or try to find something," said Mouser.

We opened the box and pulled out the set of organizers.

"These are small, smaller than I expected," said Mouser.

A cool new feature on this edition: a built in light.

Mouser started filling up the first organizer with a wallet, cell phone and charger.

"It's fitting a lot more in than I thought," said Mouser.

She fit everything from her purse into the Kangaroo Keeper.

"Now that we put that in there, it seems like my purse is so big and I don't need a purse that big," said Mouser.

Mouser said this would help switching from one purse to another, and would be easier to clean out if lotion or lip gloss leaked.

"I think I would definitely use this because it seems it would kind of take care of a lot of my problems," said Mouser.

But Mouser wishes there were more size choices and options to fit a variety of bags.

Overall, Mouser gave this Kangaroo Keeper 4.5 stars.

We found the organizer at Walgreens for about $10.

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