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MoDot officials: funding drop won't affect snow removal process


The Missouri Department of Transportation is facing a drop in funding, which comes after voters shot down a tax extension back in November.

The budget crunches will impact regular maintenance and new road construction but MoDot officials say the lack of funding won't affect the way roads are cleared when winter weather hits.

Before the clouds come and the snow falls, MoDot crews are on the roads getting ready for what's yet to come.

“Filling the tanks to go on out with salt brine,” Maintenance worker Jimmy Pletka said as he worked.

Pletka says it's always first things first.

“We hit the majors, such as the interstate, Highway 72,” Pletka said.

It's a routine that MoDot leaders say hasn't changed this year and likely won't, for at least a few years.

“They won't notice anything different this year from what they did last year,” Engineer Matt Seiler said.

Seiler says while the drop in funding will soon also drop the amount of regular road maintenance and new construction, the way crews clear roads during winter storms will stay the same.

And as far as the so called salt shortage, the mild winter has certainly helped out.

“We are looking good for now, we have plenty left for now,” Pletka said.

“We start out every winter with about 20,000 tons of salt. We've used about 1,800 this year. So, we still got quite about of salt,” Seiler said.

Even though we might not all agree with Pletka when it comes to wanting snow, MoDot workers say they're prepared for whatever the rest of winter might have in store…

“I was hoping for another year like last year,” Pletka said.

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