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Full day of bully prevention planned for Benton Grade School


Benton Grade School students, teachers and parents will learn the basics of bullying and what they can do to prevent it.

Bullying prevention expert Josh Drean will present several age and audience specific program to combat bullying at Benton Grade School.

“I don't think it's any more of a problem than it was years ago, but I do think social media makes it so much more in our face,” said Benton Grade School Principal Susan Krapf. “It's so easy for a child or an adult to sit at home and make their comments and not be face to face with someone, so I do think it makes it appear quicker, or more prevalent.”

Drean's website says he takes a “whole school” approach to bullying prevention that involves everyone in a school community.

The effort starts early Tuesday with Drean speaking to elementary-age students about the basics of bullying and its consequences. The discussion will go deeper Tuesday afternoon with middle school students.

“He'll talk to each child,” said Krapf. “If you're the bully- have some empathy. Put yourself in their shoes. If you're the child being bullied, don't be hateful, but tell somebody. Tell an adult or somebody who can help you. If you're the child watching – step in, say ‘Stop that. Go away'.”

After school, teachers and administrators will sit down with Drean and review the school's bullying policy to make improvements.

“He has a program called ‘Ramp Up Your Bullying Policy',” said Krapf. “He's going to look at what we currently have in place and talk to the staff and help them take ownership of that and help us combat bullying from that direction.”

At 7 p.m. parents are asked to join Drean in the Benton Grade School gymnasium for a progress report on what students and teachers discussed, and information on how parents can help prevent bullying when their student isn't in school.

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