Does It Work: Flex Seal

CARBONDALE, IL (KFVS) - The Flex Seal claims to be the easy way to coat, seal and protect. You can use it on gutters, windowsills and hoses to name a few.

But does the Flex Seal work?

We met up with the experts at John Beal in Carbondale, Ill. to put it to the test.

We cut a hole into a gutter, to see what would happen when we sprayed the flex seal.

"The product is supposed to take and seal holes in gutters, they show using it on the roof, things like that," said Steve Vola.

We sprayed it on.

Then, we cut another hole, and applied some sealant these guys already use on the job.

The flex seal can says it needs to dry for 24 hours to fully cure.

We came back a few days later.

At first glance, these professionals are skeptical.

"The thing I do notice is there's a bunch of air bubbles or air pockets or voids in there, so who knows how long it would be till those actually pop or rupture and you start to have problems again," said Greg Behm.

We poured water in the gutter.

It looks like the Flex Seal held the water.

Despite the air bubbles, it didn't spill through.

However, Behm said this was a controlled setting.

"The concerns I have are how long will it last out in the sunlight, will it hold up in the snow and ice, and cold weather, will it hold up to the hot summers," said Behm.

Behm said he likes how during the application stage, you can control the product they use more so than the Flex Seal.

"You spray it in there and it just kind of went everywhere, made a little bit of a mess," said Behm.

He also said the fumes when we sprayed the product were too strong. We had to open the doors to let the room air out. Last but not least, he said the Flex Seal is more expensive than his stand by sealant.

Overall, he gives the Flex Seal 3 stars.

We found the Flex Seal at Walgreens for about $12.

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