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Paducah man accused of taking more than $600 in an envelope

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A Paducah, Kentucky man is accused of taking an envelope with more than $600.

Keith Vasseur, 56, was charged with theft of property mislaid or delivered by mistake. He was taken to the McCracken County Jail.

According to the McCracken County Sheriff's Department, on Jan. 30 at around 3:16 p.m. a deputy was approached by a man while putting fuel in his patrol car at Huck's in Paducah. The man said he had been a victim of theft inside the store and was missing more than $600.

According to the man, he withdrew some cash at a US Bank on Benton Road and went to the Huck's to buy something. As he stood at the counter, the man said he took some of the money out of his envelope to pay for his items. While paying, he said he put the envelope on the counter, retrieved his items, put the rest of the money in his pocket and left without taking his envelope.

According to deputies, Vasseur was standing behind the victim while the victim retrieved his items and left. They say Vasseur approached the counter and while paying for his items, is shown looking at the envelope, reaching over it for change and then putting his wallet in his pocket.

Deputies say Vasseur then retrieved his drink, turned to walk away and then turned back and took the envelope with more than $600 in it. They say he put it in his right pants pocket.

They say Vasseur then walked out of the store without trying to return the money to the victim or contact law enforcement.

While investigating the incident, a detective was in the area of Clarks River Road and John Puryear and said he saw a white Dodge Caravan that matched the description of the van Vasseur was driving in the surveillance video.

The detective then approached Vasseur at a car lot on Clarks River Road where he was seen standing by the white Dodge Caravan.

The sheriff's department said Vasseur ultimately admitted to being at Huck's and said he had picked up the envelope by accident.

Deputies say Vasseur had the envelope in his possession with the amount that was taken at Huck's. They say Vasseur had the money for about two hours, and had not tried to return the money or tried to return the money to the victim.

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