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Perryville man feeds ducks every winter day


Bob Tanz comes to the Willow Pond in Perryville every winter day bright and early to feed ducks and geese.

“I do it every day,” Tanz said.

The ducks there are living the high life this winter thanks to the efforts of one very kind man.

“In the summer time I don't, because they can have plenty of insects, grasshoppers, worms and what have you,” Tanz said.

“He comes through he feeds the ducks, and they all come running to him,” Lucille Picou said.

Even neighbors notice, Bob's delivery service is always on time.

“They know the truck, I guess,” Tanz said.

Tanz says he's an animal lover from way back.

“After I retired, well, I didn't have any animals anymore,” Tanz said.

He says there at about 35 ducks plus the geese. However, even though he may try, Tanz says they're hard to keep up with.

“There's a gray one here with a tuff on top of his head. I don't see him here now but he's usually here too,” Tanz said.

Tanz says it's not only about giving some hungry ducks some grub.

“I enjoy it,” Tanz said.

Bob says it's gives his day the right start, too.

“I like to watch them,” Tanz said. “It gives me pleasure.”

Bob says he has been doing this for about six years, ever since he retired and moved to Perryville.

He doesn't only feed ducks out of the kindness of his heart; He also says he volunteers at a local thrift store.

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