Property owner knee deep in drainage issue

Property owner knee deep in drainage issue

BLOOMFIELD, MO (KFVS) - One Bloomfield, Missouri property owner says he's knee deep in controversy.

He claims every heavy rain literally leaves his tenant trapped in his home because the city pulled the plug on a long standing agreement.

David Green said he went into buying the land with a deal: he would replace the culverts under the road and the city would keep it clear of trash and debris.

That deal worked for decades, but he says a few years ago, the city changed course.

Walking around David Green's Bloomfield property can be a little dangerous.

Green said when he bought the property in the early '90s he made a verbal agreement with the city to help maintain the road.

"And now they're just not doing anything at all," said property owner David Green. "They tell me that it's my problem. It's my property, my problem, and to deal with it."

A problem he continues to throw money at.

What was intended as a rental property to help pay for the mortgage, has landed him in the red.

"I had the concrete poured in here and this was all up on the horns," explained Green. "So that when the water came up it would hopefully go down on the other side. Well as you can see it takes the gravel up and out and that's my gravel that's down there."

But the real problem he said, "where we're standing at would not be here at all. The water comes up right through here."

It's trash left out at other homes that makes it's way downstream to Green's culverts.

"I have to dig the stuff that comes out of people's yards and comes down through here. That's the whole reason why this thing is clogging," said Green.

From Barbie toys, to twin beds, he's seen it all pile up and lead to flooding.

He doesn't think it's unreasonable to ask the city to uphold their part of the deal.

"The city barn is over there and that's exactly how far they would have to come," he said. "Maybe one or two blocks."

Ultimately, he said he should have gotten it in ink.

"Oh yeah. I wish I had gotten it in writing. We wouldn't be here in that case," Green said.

Green added that he's thought about selling the land, but doesn't think anyone will want to buy it.

We called Bloomfield City Hall and were directed to the mayor's office.

Several attempts to contact Mayor Deardorff were unsuccessful.

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