Is red wine as healthy as working out?

Is red wine as healthy as working out?

CAPE GIRARDEAU, MO (KFVS) - A lot of Heartland News viewers are sharing the article that a glass of red wine could be as healthy for your heart as an hour of working out.

But experts say, make sure you get all the facts.

"My reaction, is a lot of people are ditching their new year's resolutions as we speak," said Keller Ford with Primo Vino.

A study from the University of Alberta in Canada said that health benefits from a compound found in red wine, resveratrol, is equal to those from exercise, especially when it comes to heart health.

"I do like the sounds of it, it should be good for business," said Ford.

Ford said customers will come in asking about the health benefits of wine.

He said a darker full bodied wine like a Cabernet is usually the most heart healthy, but not always the most popular.

"Usually the more tannic and full bodied a red wine is, the better it is for you health wise, and usually the person that isn't a wine drinker, that isn't the wine that they would like that wine right off the bat," said Ford.

"People make a lot of assumptions on the title of the study," said Jack Hembree with Health Point Fitness,

Hembree said people should thoroughly read a study like this, before jumping to any conclusions.

"I think people need to always remember that there's really no substitute for putting in the work, doing the time, and doing the exercise that you need," said Hembree.

Hembree said while wine can help with one part of heart health, exercise helps control things that can contribute to heart disease like body fat, type 2 diabetes, and blood pressure.

"That you can't get with a glass of wine," said Hembree.

So, while it's important to remember that exercise is vital, people are still having fun with the thought of drinking wine, instead of sweating at the gym.

"In fact I feel better already,” said Ford as he takes a drink of wine.

Some foods also contain resveratrol like blueberries, dark chocolate, red grapes and peanut butter.

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