Snapchat raises concerns about parenting in the digital age

Snapchat raises concerns about parenting in the digital age

CAPE GIRARDEAU, MO (KFVS) - A report in North Carolina shows college students apparently using Snapchat to capture illegal activities.

That's just one of many problems parents face in today's digital world.

College students in Cape Girardeau say they use the app all time and occasionally they'll get Snapchats from people who are doing things like drinking when they're underage.

Snapchat does have rules against using Snapchat to show any illegal shenanigans.

Parents say the scary thing is that photos their children may post on social media can easily be seen by thousands of others, and monitoring that is even more difficult.

Brady Mcconnell Foley said that's why she has all of her daughters passwords to each of her accounts.

Travis Sheppard said the key is just keeping his kids safe.

"I guess I'm that bad parent," Sheppard said. "I'm going to go through their stuff. It's my house, my family. I'm going to protect them so I'm going to be the one that goes through their drawers, their belongings. I'm going to know. I'm their parent. I'm their friend, but I'm a dad first."

Snapchat does not have a policy against people taking screen shots of images sent through the app.

That's why students agree not to post something on Snapchat, or any social media that you don't want the world seeing.

"I don't post anything like that because I don't want people to see me doing things that aren't legal or anything like that," Alex Rogers said. "I wouldn't want that to haunt me for the rest of my life so I just keep, if I am doing things that I wouldn't want other people to know about, I just kind of keep it to myself."

"I would think it would come back to haunt you, we're in college so maybe ten years down the road, maybe looking for a really nice job, and they start sorting through some stuff and find some pictures, I mean that's your livelihood right there, it could be gone," Ben Tremain said.

On some social media platforms like Snapchat, your account can be suspended if you post something that's questionable.

Posting videos or pictures of your illegal shenanigans, or sexually suggestive content, would be a violation of those rules.

Even with those rules in place, parents say they still take an extra step to protect their kids.

Some say they even download certain apps that monitor or filter out certain content.

Mobile Guardian and Net Nanny are popular parental control apps.

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