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Easy-to-miss tax deductions

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Experts say there are some tax-time tips that you may not know about that can put money back into your wallet.

First is the Earned Income Tax Credit. Married couples with kids may miss this one. A couple with three kids and an annual income less than $52,000 could score as much as 6-thousand dollars back from the government. So make sure you go through the numbers to see if you qualify.

You might be deducting your mileage for using your personal car for work, but you can also deduct mileage to and from your doctor, dental or hospital visits and mileage to charitable events, including mission trips.

Also, you can deduct the sales tax you paid on whatever you bought over the course of the year.

It's the State Sales Tax Deduction and covers up to $2,000 of sales tax you paid on groceries, school clothes, etc. And the IRS makes it easy to claim.

“You don't have to save all your receipts for the whole year and try to figure out how much sales tax you spent," Dan Boone with the IRS says. "I mean, you can do that, if you want to...but the IRS provides tables based on your income and your family size, and that becomes your estimate of your sales tax and that becomes your deduction.”

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