Family knew man they found dead in their home

Family knew man they found dead in their home

A DuQuoin, Illinois family arrived home from vacation to find a dead man, whom they knew had been staying there, in their home.

The owner of the home located in the 700 block of North Line Street had been away on vacation for more than a week. The 22-year-old man found in the home has been identified as Dylan J. Fann, according to the Perry County Coroner Paul Searby. A family member of Fann says he had permission to stay in the home.

"I mean it would be just really awful to come home and walk into your house and walk into a room and find someone there that was deceased," Sharon Toler said.

Toler lives right next to the home where it happened. She says she knows the family who owns the home.

"He's a really nice guy, he's been a really good neighbor so it's just real upsetting," Toler said. 

From phone calls Dylan made that evening the family believes this is a tragic accident. Toler says she saw Dylan several times. 

"We were concerned about maybe it wasn't someone they knew so we were happy to hear that it was," Toler said. 

Still, she says she sympathizes with the family, understanding the pain of their loss.

Family members say Dylan was a kind man who could make anyone smile. 

Fann was found by the homeowner late Saturday night and was pronounced dead just after midnight on Sunday, Searby said. He says a friend had made contact with Fann on Saturday afternoon.

An autopsy was performed on Monday. The coroner said it will take several weeks to receive the toxicology report and determine an official cause of death.

Searby said no foul play is suspected. Funeral arrangements for Fann are pending.

Officers with the DuQuoin Police Department were not immediately available for comment.

Family of Dylan Fann are accepting donations for the memorial service. The Dylan Fann Memorial Service donations can be made via PayPal through this email: 

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