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MoDOT to add roundabout in Jackson


Jackson drivers - a new roundabout at Main and Hwy,  61 (Hope St.) will be complete by next year.

The work will be a joint effort between MoDot and the city with each paying about $750,000. 

According to the Missouri Department of Transportation, the roundabout will make traffic flow more smoothly and improve safety. 

We're told the project is expected to be finished in 2016.

The Missouri Department of Transportation says a roundabout would be the best solution to fix the "traffic problem" at the intersection of Hope and Main Street in Jackson, Missouri.

Project manager Eric Krapf said MoDOT and the city entered a cost-sharing agreement to find a way to handle the high traffic volume in the area.

Krapf said a traffic light could also work in the area, however, after a detailed survey of the intersection, the department recommends the city build a roundabout.

Krapf said there are two reasons for the recommendation.

The first deals with efficiency.

Krapf said the roundabout would keep traffic moving, rather than requiring drivers to stop.

The second reason deals with safety.

Krapf said at any intersection there is always the potential for a crash.

However, a roundabout eliminates the potential for t-bone accidents, which tend to be more severe.

Krapf also said the roundabout would greatly decrease wait times at the intersection.

He said research shows, people wait about one minute to get through the four-way stop during peak driving times.

By installing a roundabout, Krapf said those wait times would be decreased to around 15 seconds.

Furthermore, Krapf said traffic signals have to be babysat to make sure they don't go out, and that the timing is just perfect.

However, that is not the case when it comes to roundabouts.

Residents who travel through the area said no matter what's installed, something needs to be changed.

If there's an intersection in Jackson that could use one this would probably be it," Curt Fox said. "It's probably one of the busier, off the main highway, it's pretty busy ... It's usually backed up all the time but in the afternoons and in the mornings when school is going on it's backed up pretty far."

Other Jackson residents say they have mixed feelings about the idea and that's why they say the key making sure whatever is installed won't make things worse.

"When it gets to the point that traffic really gets congested it backs up and let's just face it, this area is not dying, it's growing and so there's going to be more and more traffic all the time," Jackson resident Wayne Nenninger said. "So I think there are some people that are thinking to look into the future to basically see what's going to be best for not just the people here who live in Jackson, like myself, but people who come through this community to get to other places."

Also, the city's public works director says a new stoplight will be added at Lacey and Main Street, that's near the Main Street Station shopping center.

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