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Everyday Hero: Angela Bedwell

 CHAFFEE, MO (KFVS) - For many of us, the little moments in life pass all too quickly.

Keepsakes and photos that help us to capture fleeting moments are a cherished commodity.

Still, most of our everyday lives go undocumented.

One Chaffee woman is using her talents to create lifelong memories for students and families in her town.

Angela Bedwell spends most of her time viewing the world through a lens.

She's become famous around Chaffee for capturing snapshots of nearly every student from 7th to 12th grade.

“You go to a ton of games and you see stuff happen and somebody says 'Oh I wish I brought my camera' and you're standing here with a camera and you're thinking if I'm already gonna be out here why not just shoot everybody instead of my own kids?” said Everyday Hero Angela Bedwell.

Her passion began about 10 years ago.

Her husband was deployed to Iraq and she told him she'd need a good camera to capture family moments while he was gone.

That camera evolved into a collection of photography equipment that now has a reach far beyond her own household.

“I've had numerous people tell me I appreciate you so much the fact that I don't have to worry about getting pictures because you're going to be there and it just…you have a lot of relationships with the kids and stuff and they're goofy and always wanting you to take their picture and it turns into a big family," she said.

Name the sport, whether it's home or away, Angela is on the sideline snapping every second.

It's not just the players on the field, but the students and families in the stand that are her subjects in focus.

“Being able to have the camera that I have, they're not cheap by any means, but I've been blessed to have one and I feel that the good Lord has given me the opportunity to be able to help other people," said Angela.

That help is simply saving a point in time that may otherwise be forgotten.

That moment when your child gets the final out.

Or hits the winning shot as the buzzer sounds.

“You cant put a price on stuff like that. And to me that's the reason you do it, when you see people and they're just like oh I cannot believe you got a picture of this. That's awesome. That's it," she said.

Parents, students, teachers, anyone who is Facebook friends with Angela has access to her immense archive of Chaffee events.

A catalog that may be free, but still comes at a price.

“Oh my gosh. Hours and hours and hours. I mean there's some days if I don't work I may start at 8 o'clock, 9 o'clock in the morning and I won't finish with pictures until after midnight," she said.

Angela does it, not for the thank you's, but, “because when you love something you do it just because you love doing it," Angela said. "And when you start charging it becomes a job and don't get me wrong, it's a job in itself but it's a job I love to do. And it's fun and I don't want to turn it into something that I dread doing.”

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