Former mail carrier now delivering doughnuts

Former mail carrier now delivering doughnuts

STODDARD COUNTY, MO (KFVS) - An 81-year-old Bloomfield, Missouri man delivers doughnuts to more than 100 people each week. The retired mail carrier said delivering is just what he does.

Billy Lee's delivery route starts in Dexter every Friday at 7 a.m. Lee carries very precious packages. The doughnuts are individually wrapped with paper towels and hand delivered.

"He does it every week," one doughnut recipient said.

From offices to homes to local shops, everyone is sure glad to see him.

"I think Bill is a great guy doing all this," one shop owner said.

Billy said he's been delivering for around 50 years total. For about 40 years he carried mail, then he switched to something sweeter.

"It's what I'm supposed to do," Lee said.

"The only different here is that I don't have to be picking up every piece to see what it says," Lee said.

His doughnut route takes about three hours, but it doesn't take three minutes to figure out that Billy has quite the personality.

"If I quit delivering these doughnuts there'd be a bunch of them women with clubs coming looking for me," Lee said. "Put me in the hospital."

With a smile on his face and a joke on his lips.

"He'd be crying like a little whip if I didn't bring him a couple," Lee said referring to one of his best friends.

Lee is the perfect match for his "customers."

"He doesn't like me, I don't like him," David Gard said jokingly.

Lee jokes with folks all throughout his route.

"Have a good day, trouble," one customer said.

"Bye, double trouble," Lee answered.

However, underneath the jokes and jabs, there's no doubt that Billy gives more smiles in one day than many people give in a week.

"He makes my week," one office worker said.

"Makes my day when he brings doughnuts," a cashier said.

"He's a good man," another restaurant owner said.

"He is a kind and caring, he's a great guy," a pharmacist said.

Everyone to whom he delivers, no matter their profession, agree that Lee is one of the best guys around…even though he's famous, for this little fib…

"That one's low calories," Lee said as he handed off a doughnut.

Billy spends about $1,800 dollars per year on doughnuts. He said he started buying just one dozen that he'd share with his friend. Since then, his route has grown to 108 hand delivered doughnuts.

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