Illinois standards are requiring some new updates on teacher evaluations

Illinois standards are requiring some new updates on teacher evaluations

MT. VERNON, IL (KFVS) - Administrators at Mt. Vernon Township High School are in the process of revising their teacher evaluations.

In 2010, former Governor Pat Quinn signed the Performance Evaluation Reform Act requiring all Illinois to change how teachers' and principals' performance is measured.

One of the main changes in the new teacher evaluations is incorporating student growth measures.

Teachers will be evaluated on how they perform in the classroom, and also how their students are performing academically.

"The student growth piece is kind of a whole new ball game for us," Mt. Vernon Township high school Principal, Wes Olson said.

Administrators are trying to figure out how to measure student learning and trace that back to teacher effect.

"The idea of holding teachers accountable for students, I don't think scares educators," Olson said. "The question for us and it gets kind of complicated, is how you best do that."

Administrators say although there are still a lot of question marks in the student growth aspect of the new evaluations, the school has formed a committee of both administrators and teachers to make it a fair assessment for educators.

According to the Illinois Performance Evaluation, the deadline for all Illinois schools to comply with the new changes to the evaluations is Fall 2016.

Olson said the school plans having the changes ready by fall 2015.

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