Perry County, MO Senior Center funding cut by $55,000

Perry County, MO Senior Center funding cut by $55,000

PERRY COUNTY, MO (KFVS) - Money is tight for many groups that get government funding, but some say our seniors are getting hit the hardest.

The administrator at the Perry County Senior Center said that center has lost $55,000 of funding per year. Susan Foster said the cuts just keep coming. The center serves about 63,000 meals each year and staff and volunteers are hoping they don't have to cut down.

The cost for a meal, served at the center or by delivery to homebound clients, is only a suggested donation. The service is not only about the food, but it also provided socialization and health benefits.

"The people are nice, the food is good. You can't beat it," Jerry Beuhler said.

This year, the center is facing more cuts than ever.

"When we got the first two cuts, we did some major budget crunching and we are kind of down to bare bones," Foster said.

Foster said its yearly budget is down by $55,000 total from three funding sources.

"The world revolves around money unfortunately. Our older people usually suffer," Foster said.

There's a chance part of the funding from sales tax could be returned, but if not, it could mean fewer people served.

"We cannot continue the services that we offer right this minute if we don't get some of that back," Foster said.

For many who come to the center and get homebound meals, it's a reality they don't want to have to face.

"That's a shame, because they really do a lot here for the people," Carol Castle said.

"I don't know why they would pick on somebody like this, a group like this," Beuhler said.

However, Foster is optimistic.

"We are going to keep doing what we are or we are going to die trying," Foster said.

With community support and help from dedicated staff and volunteers, refuse to close the doors.

"It's their second home. And you can't take that away," Foster said.

Foster said if the center continues to lose money, it could mean cutting staff and even cutting down on the number of homebound meals they deliver.

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