State budget problems put Illinois daycares in jeopardy

State budget problems put Illinois daycares in jeopardy

A dip in Illinois' income tax at the first of the year means less money for child care services.

The decrease from five percent to 3.75 perfect left a $2 billion hole for state funded agencies, placing some day care centers in jeopardy.

For nearly two decades, Tammy's Tiny Tot's has looked after hundreds of kids in Murphysboro.

Tammy Penrod says the kid's she watches over are her life.

"Children are my life, they are my entire existence, and I can't imagine doing anything else," Penrod said.

However, she says the future of her business is up in the air.

Tammy's Tiny Tot's receives 90 percent of their funding from the state.

"We don't know where our next paycheck is coming from," said Penrod.

Penrod says the cuts will affect the children the most because parents will be left with no options.

"You will find whoever you can find to watch your children, whether they are someone that should be or not," Penrod said.

The daycare owner says the future of the business is up in the air.

Experience taught Penrod to plan ahead, so she says she won't have to make any drastic cuts right away.

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