Paducah, Ky NAACP chapter hosts MLK celebration

Paducah, Ky NAACP chapter hosts MLK celebration

PADUCAH, KY (KFVS) - Martin Luther King Day is bringing people together to remember the life of a man who paved the way for equal rights.

The Paducah/McCracken County NAACP chapter hosted its annual MLK celebration on Monday.

People of all ages gathered together to remember and honor Martin Luther King Jr. and what he stood for.

"I love that man. You know why," Paducah resident, Sharon Hamm asked. "Because he stood for nonviolence. That man went through something. He went through a whole lot." she said.

Some people at the celebration said although a lot has been accomplished, more work still needs to be done.

"Today we commemorate," Tennessee Titans football player, George Wilson said. "And we reaffirm that we're still on the course, and we're still in pursuit of that dream that Martin Luther King talked so much about."

Wilson says it's all about uplifting each other. "We have to make it a better place, and create better opportunities for the next generation."

High school students also came out to the celebration to remember those who came before them. "It's important for communities to come together and remember what one man stood for," high school student, Wallace McCoy said.

"We just have to set good examples and do the right thing everyday," high school student, Bryson Brooks said.

"We have to educate...educate the people on the cause for what he stood for," McCoy said.

People at the luncheon also said it's about legacy and making sure everyone continues to keep pushing Martin Luther King's dream forward.

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