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Facebook knows you better than your family and friends

A new study by researchers at University of Cambridge has revealed that Facebook knows you better than your closest friends.

The study found that a person's personality could be more accurately represented based on their digital interactions than with their friends, family, spouses, or colleagues.

More than 85,000 people volunteered for the study where they answered a 100 question test personality questionnaire.

“Our findings highlight that people's personalities can be predicted automatically and without involving human social-cognitive skills,”

The study examined what people like on Facebook, compared with their answers to the questionnaire, to predict outcomes of a persons behavior.

Researches wrote that computer personality judgements are more likely to predict life outcomes such as substance use, political attitudes, and physical health.

For some outcomes, the computer even outperform self-rated personality scores.

“Computers outpacing humans in personality judgment presents significant opportunities and challenges in the areas of psychological assessment, marketing, and privacy,” researchers wrote.

The research was performed by Wu Youyou and David Stillwell with the Department of Psychology at the University of Cambridge and Michal Kosinski with the Department of Computer Science at the University of Stanford.

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