Heartland schools easing Common Core into the classroom

Heartland schools easing Common Core into the classroom

BERNIE, MO (KFVS) - It's been a hot button issue across Missouri for more than a year: Common Core Standards.

Now, schools are easing into the teaching methods and students begin pilot Common Core testing this semester.

"Common core testing will be given to third through eighth grade in English, Language Arts and Math," Bernie Superintendent Doug Ruck said.

For Missouri schools like Bernie, the first Common Core test is just around the corner.

"Our scores won't affect our accreditation next year but you have to take them very serious because they will eventually count," Ruck said.

Superintendent Ruck said teachers are preparing through special training and even adapting their curriculum.

"When we order our text books we make sure that they are aligned with the Common Core at this point in time," Ruck said.

While Ruck said the teachers at Bernie will teach whatever the state requires, some parents say they're not giving up on the fight for what they say is best for their kids.

"It is tearing our children apart. It's going to tear our education system apart," mother of three Heather Drury said.

Drury, a Sikeston resident, said her kids are already struggling to learn as their teachers start implementing Common Core.

"I have a third grader and she's very smart, but we cry at night when we do our math homework," Drury said.

Drury is also concerned about the computerized testing, especially for younger students, and she's not alone. Some administrators even agree.

One teacher said, "Some of my students will need more practice in order to be more efficient with the clicking and dragging. It's going to be interesting."

Ruck said Bernie teachers are already working on that too.

"Bernie has taught computer skills to third grade, this year, now we've also added second grade so they can prepare themselves for the test," Ruck said

Still, some parents hope they can put a stop to what's already begun.

"You keep fighting, you keep trying to get the word out about what this really is," Drury said.

When it comes to Common Core, accreditation is important because it translates into money for school districts.

Common Core is not fully implemented yet, but likely will be by next school year.

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