Sikeston residents react to recent violence

Sikeston residents react to recent violence

SIKESTON, MO (KFVS) - People in Sikeston are talking about recent violence after the Department of Public Safety released the names of two men accused in the shooting death of a man on Sunday.

"It does scare me," said Betty Jones of Sikeston. "It makes you wonder what will happen next."

"None of us went out that night,"said her granddaughter, Kyndal Jones.

Police are looking for William Henry-Applewhite III, 27, of Sikeston and Gailon Lamarous Applewhite, 29, of Sikeston. The two are half brothers.

They are both considered armed and extremely dangerous.

Sikeston DPS said Christopher Qurvon West, 31, of Sikeston died after he was shot near College Street on Sunday, Jan. 11.

The scene where DPS said West was shot was just south of Missouri Delta Medical Center, in the center turn lane, near College Street around 5:40 p.m.

Jones doesn't live far from the location.

"You can't live in fear. I would go crazy," said Jones.

She has lived in Sikeston all her life.

"This is a good place to live," she said.

Police say the suspect or suspects fled the scene and left West in his vehicle. They said they found West dead behind the wheel of the car with gunshot wounds.

While it's all a lot for the community to take in, residents say there are too many positive things going on to focus on the few individuals that allegedly cause trouble; and they believe police are working hard to solve the case.

"Violence doesn't solve anything," said Pastor Jason Davis. "We love our community and we will work to keep positive things happening."

"We have a lot of good things going on in our schools and downtown business development," said Susan Glasgow - Lawrence. "We have after DPS office and I know that just because a few individuals we are not going to let that keep us from making progress. We are aware of what's happening but we won't let that foreshadow so many good things."

"It can happen anywhere," said Glen Cantrell. "This is a strong community and people here will keep working to do all we can to make this a good place to live."

Police say they don't expect anymore violence. They believe Wright has left the area, and say they need the public's assistance to find him and the Applewhite brothers.




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