Security updates installed at Marion VA Medical Center

Security updates installed at Marion VA Medical Center

MARION, IL (KFVS) - The Marion VA Medical Center is enhancing in more ways than one when it comes to security; making sure its patients, employees, and visitors will be safe at all times.

The center recently updated its "interactive use of force" simulator, giving officers real life scenarios of anything they may experience while on patrol.

More than 400 different threat levels are in the system, also including sound effects, to make scenarios look and sound real.

"By having all that in combination, you get a lot of the increased heart rate, the blood pressure, you get a lot of the anxiety and stress that would happen in a normal situation," VA Police Chief, Jason Anderson said.

"They can experience it here and continue to function, so when they're actually put in a real world situation, then they're automatically already going to be adjusted to it," Anderson said.

Each year, all VA officers are required to have a minimum of twelve hours of training with the simulator.

The center has also recently updated its locked doors, which are controlled by electronic and magnetic means, and also will have an advanced online security system that will be coming later this quarter.

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